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WebNameHost Standard Control Panel Info and Demos

WebNameHost uses the industry standard cPanal product for end users and WHM (WebHost Manager) for resellers. These products allow customers at both levels unparalled control over their websites with little intervention by technical support staff.

cPanel can look quite different from one web site to another. That's because it is possible to build or buy a variety of interfaces above the basic product. These so-called skins determine the look of the product, but underneath, all offer the same functionality, unless the host has purchased enhancements (stay tuned).

The first screen shots below and the demonstration are of the cPanel xSkin2 (now the default for all anew accounts) and BlueLagoon cPanel skin, offered standard on all WebNameHost accounts at no additional cost. The version numbers and options were as of the creation of this screen shot. Other cPanel themes shown below are also available. If you want one of them, say so at the time of ordering. Sorry, we no longer have a demo account because of security considerations. Too many people do nasty things with demo accounts.

If you are interested in a deluxe control panel (optional at no additional cost), click here for information.

The cPanel xSkin Theme (Top portion)

The cPanel BlueLagoon Theme

The cPanel Advanced Theme

The cPanel Iconic Theme

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